March 30, 2007

Updates Today - Groups, PayPal, Facebook

If you use our group features very often you may have already noticed that we pushed out an overhaul of the groups system earlier today. Most of the changes are architectural, designed to help us scale better and give us more flexibility in adding features, but there are some pretty radical UI changes as well. Let us know what you think!

Quick summary of the group changes:

  • Zoho editing is now available for any file you have added to a group
  • All of the group features have been combined into a single page; look on the right side of your files to view group members, information, invite people to join, or edit the group settings.
  • The group member list now displays the actual name of each member, rather than their email address!
  • On the member listing you can roll over a name to see profile information about that user.
In the payments department we have added an option to sign up for a paid account using your PayPal account in addition to our Credit Card option; this should be especially helpful for our international users. PayPal has over 100 million account members in 103 countries and regions around the world, and can accept transactions in 16 currencies

In this release we have updated to the newest version of the Facebook API; and improved our picture features. If you have Facebook, try this: use the link in the toolbar to log into your Facebook account, then click on either "Photos of You" or "Facebook Albums" to view your pictures. To download full size images into your account, click the "Load Image" button... your Facebook photos are now in My Files! You can even import an entire album at once from the Facebook Albums page; complete with your comments!