March 02, 2007

Increased file size for uploads on paid accounts!

One request we hear a lot from users is for the ability to upload files larger than 500MB. We worked hard on the business model for file size and came up with what we think is a good approach to meet your needs: as of today all paid users have the ability to upload files up to 1.5GB in size.

This includes any paid account; whether you have the $9.95/year plan (a GREAT deal-- bump up to 10GB of storage, NO ADS, and twice the storage for less than $1/month!) or any of our a-la-carte bandwidth and storage upgrades.

The other half of this announcement is that we will be lowering the limit for free users to 250MB per file beginning next week.

We also wanted to let you know that for those users who have been enjoying the old 20GB/day public file limit we have started lowering your numbers as promised. We wanted to do this gradually to help ease the transition, so this weekend you will drop to 10GB/day; and you can expect to be down to 1GB sometime in the next couple of weeks. If you start running over your limit we encourage you to check out the upgrade page to see how easy it is to choose the features you want in a file hosing service!