August 30, 2006

Facebook and; two great sites that go great together!

Calling all users; now you can access your facebook account from within myDataBus! We are participating in a new developer program launched by facebook that allows us to tie certain information from your facebook account into your myDataBus account. This is a 'beta' program, which means that for now the features are somewhat limited, but as the facebook interface matures we will be adding more and more ways to share files with your friends through

In this first release you can:
* Copy information from facebook on the signup page for new myDataBus accounts
* See profiles of group members who have facebook accounts
* See the number of posts on your wall
* See number of total messages, and unread count
* See the number of Pokes (total and unseen)
* View your facebook photo albums
* View pictures of you on facebook

Use and enjoy-- and look for more great features as this program expands!

5 GigaBytes now included for FREE!

You probably have noticed by now, last week we have upgraded all free accounts to 5 GB. Enjoy!

August 17, 2006

Preview of the Back-To-School release

So our next release isn't due out until the middle of next week, but we are so excited that it's hard to keep quiet! Headlining the new release is the announcement that we are going to increase all free accounts to 5 GIGABYTES.

A Teaser for other features coming next week:

  • Web Load will add any file from the web directly to your account, saving you from having to first download to your computer

  • Group files can now have folders

  • Permissions will allow you to create different kinds of Groups

  • myDataBus Mobile will give you access to your files from your phone or other portable device

And that's just the beginning!! Can't spoil the whole surprise, now can we? Let's just say that in honor of school starting we have been concentrating on features that students will appreciate.

August 14, 2006

New- Virus Scanning on all files!

Today we introduced virus scanning on all files uploaded to Breathe just a little bit easier knowing that not only are your files clean; but so are files shared by your group members and others.

Virus-Free file sharing from; one more way we are working to change the way you use and share your files online!

August 11, 2006

Tell your friends, and Win!

So you are one of the lucky ones, the enlightened few, you grabbed your own free account at Now we'd like to reward you for spreading the word! Each week will be giving away a $20 gift certificate to someone chosen at random from all of the users who sent invitations to their friends using the form on our website. Pick your reward- the iTunes store,,, or a credit directly to your PayPal account. Even better- if the person you invited actually signed up for myDataBus, they win too!

Be a hero (and pick up a little something for yourself), tell your friends today!

August 04, 2006

Public Shared Files!

It gives me great pleasure to introduce... Public Files from! Sometimes called 'hot-links,' or 'direct links,' this has been the #1 feature request of myDataBus users.

Select any number of files from your account and make them public; myDataBus will generate a selection of links you can use to share those files with anyone. Sell on eBay? Use myDataBus to host images for your auctions. Have a mySpace account? Link to photos at myDataBus from your profile. Are you active on LiveJournal? Facebook? Discussion forums? Link away!

Our photo features are the most advanced; choose a picture from your files, and myDataBus will re-size it for you! Choose from a selection of standard sizes, and let the site do the work for you- without modifying your original file. You can even create links to several different sizes of the same image!

For each file the link generator will give you:

  • The URL for your file

  • An HTML formatted link to your file

  • An EMBED link to include your Audio or Video file directly into another web page

  • A BBCode link to your file (Discussion boards, etc)

There is no restriction on the type, size or number of files you can make 'Public' from your myDataBus account; and our 400MB per day traffic allowance is generous enough for all but the most popular of files.