July 19, 2007

Introducing the MiniBus!

The team here at myDataBus.com is proud to introduce the MiniBus: a quick, easy, and convenient file hosting service that lets you instantly upload a file and begin sharing it immediately in an e-mail, website, or blog. You don't even need a myDataBus account; just upload your file right from the myDataBus home page and start sharing!

So go ahead, take the MiniBus for a test drive. Just click the MiniBus Browse button at the top of the myDataBus home page or at mini.mydatabus.com to select a file for upload. Click Upload and you're instantly ready to begin sharing your file! No speed limits on THIS bus . . .

Note: There are limits to the MiniBus's functions: only one file can be shared at a time, uploads are restricted to 20MB, and shared files expire after 14 days of inactivity. But remember that myDataBus account holders enjoy 5GB of free storage, extensive file sharing options with no link expiration, online file and image editing tools, and so much more! If you're not a member, sign up today and your uploaded MiniBus files will automatically be transferred into your new account!

July 17, 2007

No More Public Image Watermark!

As many of you know, a watermark"hosted by myDataBus.com"has always appeared on public images, well, hosted by myDataBus.com.

That is, until now. Public images no longer have any watermark at allthey appear exactly as you uploaded them (only re-sized . . . if you use one of the automatic re-sizing options!).

"But wait!"
you cry. "My existing public photos still have the watermark!"

'Tis true: all newly-shared pictures will be watermark-free, but existing public photos will still display the watermark. But that's easy to fix. Simply remove the watermarked pictures from your Public Files, then re-add them. Voil
à! No more watermark. And as long as you haven't changed the filenames, all your old image links will still work too.

Just another great update from the hard-working folks here at myDataBus.com . . .

July 13, 2007

Any Questions?

Here at myDataBus.com, we are working hard to make the site better than ever. And one way we're making it better is by helping users learn more about the site and all its featureswhich is why we've introduced an all-new, fully-updated myDataBus Online Support Center. It contains help topics for new myDataBus users, general troubleshooting tips, and information on new additions to the site. Learn how to set up a new account and upload your first file. How to activate automatic integration with Facebook.com upon login to myDataBus. How to use SnipShot and Zoho to edit files right from your account. Who knowsyou may even discover a new feature that you weren't aware of!

And as always, if you can't find the answer to your question, contact our support team with our support form for some of the quickest support in the business! (Remember, Pro Account holders also receive phone support. If you don't have a Pro Account, upgrade now!)

Get the help you needuse the Support Center today!

July 11, 2007

Out with the old . . .

OK folks, we're all friends here. Let's be perfectly honest with each other. The ol' myDataBus file uploader wasn't exactly the greatest uploader ever.

But times have changed. The guys here at myDataBus have been hard at work on a brand-spanking-new uploader . . . go ahead, click the Upload Files button. What you have before you in all its glory is not only a faster, more reliable uploader, but an uploader that lets you SELECT MULTIPLE FILES AT ONCE. That's right, click Browse and try it out for yourself. You can select an entire folder's worth of files for upload in a matter of seconds.

Not only that, but now there are two nifty little download progress barsthe top one is for individual file download progress, and the bottom one is for the overall download progress. You can also choose to make your files publicor overwrite files with the same namedirectly from the uploader! And as before, you have the option of performing a web upload by clicking the Webload button at the top of the uploader and entering a URL address.

We expect this new upload tool to evolve quickly; if you have any suggestions for it please let us know! As always, we here at myDataBus are working hard to bring you the very best in file storing and sharing. And we will continue to enhance the features of myDataBus to make it easier for you to do more with your files.

July 02, 2007

Public File Changes, MUCH FASTER!

Making files public is much faster now!  Last week many of you had trouble making files public or were seeing huge delays in the process, sometimes taking several hours to actually complete.  We were fighting on and off all week with our queueing system, it seemed to encounter a perfect storm of issues from all directions.

So what has happened?

First a bit of background; from the beginning we have treated public files as separate from your "My Files" storage- the primary benefit of this is that you could make changes to, edit, rename or even delete a file from your private space without affecting your public links.  The disadvantage is that we have been maintaining 2 copies of the file, and even in the best of circumstances making a file public involves waiting for the system to copy your file.

On Friday we changed the way public files are tracked and stored so now we simply flag files as public rather than copying them.  On the plus side since we are storing the file only once your quota usage is reduced and the process of making files public is now instant.  It does mean that you will have to be careful about deleting files from your private space from now on, if you zap a file that is public you will break your links!

Thanks for bearing with us last week, and enjoy our new more responsive system!