July 17, 2007

No More Public Image Watermark!

As many of you know, a watermark"hosted by myDataBus.com"has always appeared on public images, well, hosted by myDataBus.com.

That is, until now. Public images no longer have any watermark at allthey appear exactly as you uploaded them (only re-sized . . . if you use one of the automatic re-sizing options!).

"But wait!"
you cry. "My existing public photos still have the watermark!"

'Tis true: all newly-shared pictures will be watermark-free, but existing public photos will still display the watermark. But that's easy to fix. Simply remove the watermarked pictures from your Public Files, then re-add them. Voil
à! No more watermark. And as long as you haven't changed the filenames, all your old image links will still work too.

Just another great update from the hard-working folks here at myDataBus.com . . .