July 13, 2007

Any Questions?

Here at myDataBus.com, we are working hard to make the site better than ever. And one way we're making it better is by helping users learn more about the site and all its featureswhich is why we've introduced an all-new, fully-updated myDataBus Online Support Center. It contains help topics for new myDataBus users, general troubleshooting tips, and information on new additions to the site. Learn how to set up a new account and upload your first file. How to activate automatic integration with Facebook.com upon login to myDataBus. How to use SnipShot and Zoho to edit files right from your account. Who knowsyou may even discover a new feature that you weren't aware of!

And as always, if you can't find the answer to your question, contact our support team with our support form for some of the quickest support in the business! (Remember, Pro Account holders also receive phone support. If you don't have a Pro Account, upgrade now!)

Get the help you needuse the Support Center today!