September 17, 2007

The myDataBus Facebook Application!

The team here at is thrilled to give you the all-new myDataBus Shared Files Facebook application. Robert the Summer Intern developed this application on the Facebook Platform to give you some great new ways to share.  Now your friends can listen to your music, watch your videos, and download your files--right from your Facebook profile!  You can also easily send links to your files via Facebook messages. We're pretty excited about it.

All of your public files are automatically posted to your Facebook profile when you add the application, and visitors can page through to see everything you have posted.  Click on the My Friends' Files tab lets you easily view and download files from those savvy Facebook friends who also use the Shared Files application... or hit a button to upload directly to your public files from Facebook!

Click here to get started... and then come back to the application page to let us know what you think.  What features does it still need?  What do you love about it?