July 02, 2007

Public File Changes, MUCH FASTER!

Making files public is much faster now!  Last week many of you had trouble making files public or were seeing huge delays in the process, sometimes taking several hours to actually complete.  We were fighting on and off all week with our queueing system, it seemed to encounter a perfect storm of issues from all directions.

So what has happened?

First a bit of background; from the beginning we have treated public files as separate from your "My Files" storage- the primary benefit of this is that you could make changes to, edit, rename or even delete a file from your private space without affecting your public links.  The disadvantage is that we have been maintaining 2 copies of the file, and even in the best of circumstances making a file public involves waiting for the system to copy your file.

On Friday we changed the way public files are tracked and stored so now we simply flag files as public rather than copying them.  On the plus side since we are storing the file only once your quota usage is reduced and the process of making files public is now instant.  It does mean that you will have to be careful about deleting files from your private space from now on, if you zap a file that is public you will break your links!

Thanks for bearing with us last week, and enjoy our new more responsive system!