August 04, 2006

Public Shared Files!

It gives me great pleasure to introduce... Public Files from! Sometimes called 'hot-links,' or 'direct links,' this has been the #1 feature request of myDataBus users.

Select any number of files from your account and make them public; myDataBus will generate a selection of links you can use to share those files with anyone. Sell on eBay? Use myDataBus to host images for your auctions. Have a mySpace account? Link to photos at myDataBus from your profile. Are you active on LiveJournal? Facebook? Discussion forums? Link away!

Our photo features are the most advanced; choose a picture from your files, and myDataBus will re-size it for you! Choose from a selection of standard sizes, and let the site do the work for you- without modifying your original file. You can even create links to several different sizes of the same image!

For each file the link generator will give you:

  • The URL for your file

  • An HTML formatted link to your file

  • An EMBED link to include your Audio or Video file directly into another web page

  • A BBCode link to your file (Discussion boards, etc)

There is no restriction on the type, size or number of files you can make 'Public' from your myDataBus account; and our 400MB per day traffic allowance is generous enough for all but the most popular of files.