July 10, 2006

Email, attachments, and updates, oh my!

Email is great for quick communication, but not such a good way to share files. If you have ever tried to email a large attachment you know what I mean- many ISPs block files larger than a few megabytes, friends still stuck on dialup hate you for clogging up their inboxes, some mail clients don't handle attached files well (winmail.dat anyone?)... To make matters worse the proliferation of viruses has forced anti-virus software to go on the offensive, at times blocking legitimate files because they might be infected.

This week's update includes the ability to select one or more files from your myDataBus listing and click to send out an email linking to them. Now you can send files of any size or type easily! Your friend receives a link to a page at myDataBus where they can download your files at their convenience.

We're really excited about the features we plan to add over the next few months, but we'd love to hear from you-- how do you use myDataBus? What would make it better? What is the one 'killer' feature that you would simply love to have? Let us know-- you can email updates@mydatabus.com any time with your suggestions, or use the support form at the site.