August 30, 2006

Facebook and; two great sites that go great together!

Calling all users; now you can access your facebook account from within myDataBus! We are participating in a new developer program launched by facebook that allows us to tie certain information from your facebook account into your myDataBus account. This is a 'beta' program, which means that for now the features are somewhat limited, but as the facebook interface matures we will be adding more and more ways to share files with your friends through

In this first release you can:
* Copy information from facebook on the signup page for new myDataBus accounts
* See profiles of group members who have facebook accounts
* See the number of posts on your wall
* See number of total messages, and unread count
* See the number of Pokes (total and unseen)
* View your facebook photo albums
* View pictures of you on facebook

Use and enjoy-- and look for more great features as this program expands!