August 17, 2006

Preview of the Back-To-School release

So our next release isn't due out until the middle of next week, but we are so excited that it's hard to keep quiet! Headlining the new release is the announcement that we are going to increase all free accounts to 5 GIGABYTES.

A Teaser for other features coming next week:

  • Web Load will add any file from the web directly to your account, saving you from having to first download to your computer

  • Group files can now have folders

  • Permissions will allow you to create different kinds of Groups

  • myDataBus Mobile will give you access to your files from your phone or other portable device

And that's just the beginning!! Can't spoil the whole surprise, now can we? Let's just say that in honor of school starting we have been concentrating on features that students will appreciate.