March 09, 2007

Public File Limits Update

Older users who still have increased public file bandwidth limits will be dropped to 5GB/day today. If you have signed up in the last month or so and have a 1GB/day limit (or if you don't use public files!) you can ignore this message-- for the rest of you please make a note that we will be finishing the transition next weekend, the rest of the way down to 1GB.

If you have been using the extra bandwidth you may start to receive emails from our system warning you that you are about to exceed your limit; or you can check your current usage by clicking on the "Settings" tab.

Need more? Upgrade!
We have made it easy to design your own service plan at; log into your account and click the upgrade link to find out just how inexpensive it can be to add storage or transfer to meet your needs.

For more information about limits and why they are being reduced see the blog entry announcing the change:

Once again we thank you all for using to store and share your files; and we are looking forward to some great new features to come!