March 15, 2007

Edit your documents online with Zoho!

Our mantra lately has been coming up with creative new ways for you to do stuff with your files; mainly by focusing on sharing them with others. To that end we have created the new Blogger and TypePad widgets, the Digg and links on public files, The Plaxo address book tool and the latest round of Facebook API updates.

Our latest addition turns to managing your own files; we are really excited to announce that we have incorporated ties to Zoho Writer (and will soon be adding Zoho Sheets!). Zoho provides a suite of 11 products designed to give users a full range of office software online. Click options next to any supported file, and you have a new option: Edit with Zoho. (Also available from search results) When you have finished editing your document click the Save button in the top left corner of the Zoho window and your updated file will be saved back to your account at myDataBus.

Zoho Writer is a great lightweight editor with a clean and responsive interface, but there are some useful power features hidden away. Click on the Save As... menu for instance and you can export your document in other formats (including Adobe Acrobat). One feature I haven't seen promoted nearly enough is the really slick way that Zoho Writer deals with HTML files. Try it- open an HTML file from your myDataBus account; you get a full WYSISYG web interface that can manage tables, image properties, CSS information and more!

The new Edit with Zoho feature will work with Microsoft Word (DOC), OpenOffice text (ODT & SXW), HTML, and RTF documents; we plan to release Zoho Sheets support soon which will add Microsoft Excel (XLS) files to the mix.