November 14, 2006

Building for Scale

myDataBus has been growing like crazy lately, thank you to all of you!! We are excited about continuing to expand our service and have a long list of features in store for you, but right now we are concentrating on improving the stability and scalability of our service as it grows.

Recent improvements include:
* Huge increase in bandwidth: The site was starting to really slow down during peak times, but in the last week you should have noticed a vast improvement in upload and download speeds. We are positioned now with plenty of room for growth and a quick upgrade route for adding more as we need it.
* Fixes for lost session problems: Some of our users have been having trouble logging into or staying logged into; we have made some changes that have eliminated almost all of those cases, the only known outstanding issue is with Proxy servers at certain ISPs. We are working on several potential fixes, let us know if you are still seeing the 'logout problem!'
* Aliases for Public file and Photo Album links: In an effort to make public files and photo albums easier to use we have made the links much shorter, and have added an 'alias' feature to your account. We hope the new shorter links are more likely to survive email in particular!

I hope all of you have had a chance to try out our new photo album feature! We'll be adding more options for displaying your photos in different ways, if you have a favorite gallery style let us know.

Thanks again to all of our users for using, and remember to tell your friends how to get their own 5 GigaBytes of FREE file storage!!