October 04, 2006

Growing up

It seems there comes a time in the life of every growing internet company where this post is made. A rite of passage of sorts...

So yesterday we completed a round of updates and fixes that we have been working on over the last week to address issues with stability and compatibility that we think will make your user experience a LOT better on all platforms. Some of the major known issues that have been resolved over the last 2 weeks include:

* Problems with Internet Explorer logging users out after any 8 clicks on the site.
* Problems with uploads not completing, or telling the user that a session has expired at the end of an upload. (And the related problem that a number of users have had uploading files > 250MB)
* Files uploaded by Internet Explorer users sometimes only displaying in tree view, but not being downloadable.
* New signup and change password emails being filtered as spam by many ISPs.
* Form elements from other pages showing up on the 'New Folder' and 'Web Load' forms in Internet Explorer.

There have been many other minor fixes, interface changes and server upgrades that we hope will all contribute to a GREAT user experience at myDataBus.com!

Thanks for growing with us,

the myDataBus.com team