June 27, 2006

Coming Soon... myDataBus 2.0

There is a philosophy of software development that encourages developers to "release early and often." The idea being that the more you work on a project, the more work it will need; and the more features you try to put into each release, the less likely it is that you will ever actually finish. By releasing small updates frequently we can deliver features to our users faster, but perhaps more importantly we can watch to see what features our users are requesting and using. Our product becomes better when we participate in an ongoing dialog with users, releasing a few features ever couple of weeks and constantly adjusting to user feedback.

This time... we didn't do that. myDataBus 2.0 is a huge rewrite of how we treat files, folders and users; creating a platform for us to build a really exciting slate of features in the future. The team is very excited about this release, which is being wrapped up now... including the ability to upload multiple files at a time, create and manage nested folders, email files directly from your account, and much more! The 2.0 release also features an enhanced user interface with a more intuitive controls and navigation to give you more transparent access to do what you want with your files.

The biggest news of all for 2.0 may be that we have removed the registration restrictions on the site. You no longer need to be a student to sign up for myDataBus! As we have moved out of the early development and are increasingly confident of our architecture and site design we feel that it is time to invite anyone to take advantage of a better way to work and play using myDataBus.com.

So, keep an eye on this space for the announcement-- we'll be posting the new and improved myDataBus soon!