April 20, 2006

myDataBus.com is Live!!

It is always gratifying to see something take shape that you have worked very hard on. Here at myDataBus we have been working hard on the best tool we can imagine for sharing files and making your computing life easier, and are proud to announce that the site is live! Go sign up at www.mydatabus.com and see how easy it is to back up important files, post files that you need to access in computer labs or on other people's computers, and share files with your friends and classmates. Best of all, you get to use up to 2 gigabytes of space absolutely FREE!

You may have picked up that this site is for students-- myDataBus.com was designed for college students and developed by students. Our group collaboration features in particular benefit from our tight focus on how students work and play, and how sharing can benefit all kinds of academic and extra-curricular activities. So for now you cannot sign up for an account unless you have an email address from a college or university (ending in a .edu extension).

For now...

Watch this space for more information!!