October 07, 2007

MyDataBus.com Site Switchover

Here at myDataBus, we have been able to offer many of our services for free up to this point. However, we are being forced to revise our business model and discontinue our free services. Effective immediately, we have made the decision to remove file uploading to free accounts. Free account holders will still be able to access their accounts until Tuesday, October 9, at 12:00 p.m. EST. At that time, unpaid accounts will be deactivated. (If you are a paid user, your account will not be affected. We are also working hard on our file uploading issues and will have it working again as soon as possible).

If you are not a paid user, we want you to continue to enjoy the file storing and hosting services of myDataBus, which is why we are offering you 10GB of storage and 60GB per month (2GB/day) of public bandwidth for the low fee of $10.95 per year! This offer is only valid through Tuesday, October 9. After October 9, the price of $10.95 per year will provide you with just 5GB of storage and 30GB per month of public bandwidth. Customizable packages are also available for those who need more storage or bandwidth space -- just click the Upgrade button in your account to view available storage/bandwidth deals.

If you currently have a free account, don’t wait -- log in at http://www.mydatabus.com and click Upgrade to take advantage of this great offer and keep your account active. Remember, you have until Tuesday, October 9, either to upgrade your account or remove your files.

We hope you choose to continue using myDataBus for your file storing and sharing needs!