August 02, 2007

myDataBus File Format Conversion? Easy!

Guess what? We've added another resource to your myDataBus-file-editing arsenal: we are now integrated with Zamzar is an online file conversion tool that lets you easily change your document, image, video, and music files into other file formats with a few clicks of your mouse. Change your .wav files into a mp3s. Make your .txt file a PDF file. Convert PDF files into editable Word documents. Convert your MS Paint stick-figure drawing of Aunt Bertha into a JPEG file and post it in your myDataBus family reunion photo album. Anything's possible. For a full list of file conversion types, click here.

With Zamzar integrated into myDataBus, you can convert your myDataBus files without needing to download them first. Just select "Convert with Zamzar" from a file's Options menu, then select your desired file format, enter your e-mail address, and hit Convert.

Once you receive Zamzar's notification e-mail, go to the download page and copy the link to your file by right-clicking (or Ctrl-clicking for Macs) the Download File button. Then go to your myDataBus account, click Upload Files > Webload, paste the file link into the URL box, and hit Upload. Your converted file will be sucked right back into myDataBus from Zamzar. No downloading required!

Why not give it a try? With myDataBus and Zamzar, we've given our users a whole new way to do more with their files online!