April 06, 2007

Edit your photos with SnipShot and myDataBus!

Wrapping up a busy week of updates, today we released photo editing using the really great tools from SnipShot.com. This is one you have to see to really get the hang of, SnipShot is a really great tool! Go find a .jpg file in your myDataBus account and click the options button; you will see a new "Edit with SnipShot" link.

Features in brief: (From SnipShot.com)
  • One-click enhance improves most images
  • Basic editing tools like crop, rotate, resize
  • Basic image adjustments like contrast, brightness, saturation, sharpness and hue
  • Unlimited undo and redo (Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y, or ⌘Z and ⌘Y on your Mac)
  • Nondestructive editing—we always work from the original

And did I mention easy to use? Just like our Zoho tools, one click sends your file to the editor, and saving will push the updated file back to your myDataBus account.