September 17, 2006

So who really gets the job done?

Phil Yanov, self-described "Author, Speaker, Technologist, Raconteur" writes about us in a blog entry about recording podcasts:

"One of the segments was about online storage and backup services. We talked about, X-Drive, and Servosity. Eric and I actually use mydatabus to transfer the big audio files that eventually become my podcasts."

While we would love to have been part of the show, it is nice to demonstrate that has the features and the flexibility to get things done in the real world!

Behind the radio...

September 12, 2006

The case of the missing public files- Solved!

Over the past few weeks we have had scattered reports from some users about public files 'disappearing' from myDataBus accounts. We were finally able to isolate, reproduce and fix the problem yesterday. If you are one of the users that has 'lost' public files thanks for your patience, and share away!